Board 2

In 1963 the headstones from Oaks Field were removed, with some being placed against the wall of the National School, or more commonly known locally as “The Practical Block” (now St. Marys Nursing Home). However some of the trees were kept and are still in the grassed area.

The grassed area in front of board 2 is Oaks Field. Originally a cattle pasture, it became known as the “New Graveyard” in 1836 but still owned and controlled by the Parish Church, as by this time the burial area around the Church was full with Oaks Field used until 1895 when the Ropery Lane Cemetery opened. The last recorded burial was that of Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson from the Grove in 1927.

The clearing of Oaks Field with headstones removed.

This area of the town has always been prone to flooding with reports going back to 1771. This area was badly affected in 1979 and again in 2012. In 2020 a £6.2 million flood prevention scheme was completed in the market place (to the west of Cone Terrace) and it is hoped that no further flooding occurs in this area.

As you head up the bank through the grassed area is a long stone wall, which was the original boundary of the Deanery. To the right of the boundary wall is all that remains of the “Round School”

Originally the Oast House for the Deanery it became a school in 1812 and closed in 1860.